Demon Weather

Booktrope Editions (May 23, 2012)

The souls that shall be gathered are seven in number, because seven is a miraculous number.

Turn of the century Portugal. Demon hunter and ship’s captain Luís da Silva is docked in his homeport, looking forward to a break from the seas and a reunion with his wife. But an enemy from da Silva’s past has other plans for him…

When da Silva’s friends start falling victim to strange comas, he knows it is not illness to blame, but the sinister work of wizard Francisco Batista.With the help of a witch, a werewolf, a ghost, and an antiquarian, da Silva learns that Batista is stealing souls in order to enact revenge for an incident in their shared past, and also to become the most powerful sorcerer the world has ever seen.

But it is not just da Silva and his friends and family who are at risk. If Batista succeeds, his spell has the potential to rip the whole world apart.

The Printer’s Devil

Booktrope Editions (May 15, 2011)

Sometimes the evil that magicians do lives after them, lying in wait for the unwary. Sometimes curiosity does something far more perilous than simply put your life in danger. And sometimes more than just lessons can be gained from history.
The Printer’s Devil is a mix of magic, bellringing,music and the great tradition of the master of ghost stories, M.R. James, and placed in Locus magazine’s Best First Novel poll.
Praise for The Printer’s Devil: “Kidd makes the first fantasy novel about bellringing a most engaging one.The Printer’s Devil conducts itself masterfully, and readers with an ear for music will be singing its praises.” John S.Hall, Starlog
“Bellringing buffs should get a kick out of The Printer’s Devil, which centers on bellringers of the past and present, and a demon raised by a printer’s journeyman turned sorcerer. Kidd does a good job of evoking the feel of Cromwell’s England, while bringing an interestingly different magic to life in this engaging first novel.” Carolyn Cushman, Locus
“If there’s a single word that describes The Printer’s Devil, it’s distinctive’, no small achievement in genre fantasy. This affectionate tale of supernatural suspense twines ghostly and diabolic forces with a love of art and scholarship to produce one of the most readable such yarns in quite some time.” Dragon