The Story Formerly Known As Wolfbane

I have a new ebook out— enovella, to be precise. It’s a long new Da Silva Tale, originally titled “Wolfbane”, renamed “The Komarovs” for *makes quoty fingers* commercial reasons. Great cover, though (if I can figure out how to make a link here). The Captain takes his family to the fair, and supernatural mayhem ensues. Featuring zombies. evil twins, mirror-magic, and wolfbane especially for the American werewolf, Ed Harris.

A big influence for this story was the sadly canceled show Carnivalè, coupled with a description from an old book on the Alcântara fair. Charley Zriny, a.k.a. The Metreman, is a steal of the carny boss Samson, though with a different supernatural pain in his ass.

Pay attention, though! This story foreshadows the 5th novel in the Da Silva series, Uncharted Seas. You read it here first! And the second novel, The Werewolf of Lisbon, is due out soon…


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