L-Space: Where the stories live


Something the character Dr Reid in Criminal Minds (the show’s Sheldon) said set me thinking. He was explaining how he could read so fast, and it went something like this: the conscious mind absorbs information at such and such a speed, the unconscious x times faster (the x was many, many times faster).

Anyone who “speed-reads” is suspected, somewhat bizarrely, of telling fibs. I didn’t learn to read fast; I was made this way. I can’t NOT read at a rate of about two pages a minute— if I try, I soon slip back into my default mode. Which is a sort of trance. My mind is open to sponging up stuff regardless of what is going on around me. A similar thing happens when I’m in the flow of writing. I tap into some limbic area and a story comes out.

And I thought: That’s L-Space!* Stories live there— written AND unwritten. Isn’t it a lovely idea, that while musicians maintain that music is in the air all around us and you just take a piece when you need it, you can also do the same with stories? It’s meditation with fiction!

*For non-Discworld fans, if there are any, L-Space is the dimension which enables Unseen University library to store many more books than could fit into a non-pan-dimensional library.


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