The Werewolf of Lisbon

Well, we are hoping to get Da Silva #2 out before the holidays!

The Werewolf of Lisbon is a bigger book than Demon Weather in all senses— more locations, more plotlines, more characters… including the Russian witch, Tatiana, who first appeared in only the third short story (Past Acquaintances). This her debut in the novels. She and the Captain go way back: “The first time I met Tatiana Dimitrovna Andropova, she tried to kill me. The second time, she tried to seduce me. She’s tried to do one or the other every other time we’ve run into each other. Hasn’t succeeded in either.” That first time is chronicled in another story, Brief Encounter.

Tatiana, the Russian witch

Tatiana was another character who appeared and surprised me. She since became a regular rather than a guest star, as she is very much her own woman. Daughter of a Russian aristo who was exiled by the Tsar for his magical meddling and of a shaman from the area where Russia and China mix and meld, she’s a very powerful witch indeed, but her day job is a sculptor. As with most of my characters, I didn’t plan her at all.

The more times I write that sentence down, the weirder it seems to me. A few posts ago, I claimed that I rarely use my dreams in my fiction. But it occurs to me now that maybe I am dreaming it all. I don’t mean that in some kind of metaphysical way, but perhaps when I’m writing my mind actually does go into another world, that same place (I suppose) that dreams come from. Certainly I know that if I try too hard, my writing starts to stutter. I can’t just bring in a character to make a point— I have to let them come of their own accord, which they do when and where they are needed.