Big Damn Spaceships. Contains Spoilers.

I may have mentioned that I like the above. Well, there’s a pretty big one in Prometheus, the Alien prequel. And it has a Big Damn Alien in it. Yes, it’s kind of the explanation for the giant dead humanoid that Ripley & co. found way back in 1979, which I of course had forgotten all about. It’s a long time since I saw that picture.
Anyway, a lot of people have said they were disappointed in the new movie for one reason or another. I wasn’t. I enjoyed it, though there were a few things that baffled me. We start out with one big ripped alien standing by a waterfall and drinking a cup of gloopy black stuff, after which he falls in the river and disintegrates into double-helixy bits… WTF? Thanks to the internet, I’ve now learned that he was “seeding” the planet (which Ridley Scott coyly claims that might or might not be Earth) with his DNA.
But also… Why do the explorers go swanning about on an alien planet with a hostile environment the instant they landed, and take their helmets off in a spooky underground labyrinth? Why does the creepy android David infect the scientist with the gloopy stuff? How could Dr Shaw do all that running around and  fighting after major surgery, with only a line of staples across her tummy? And, why did they cast Guy Pearce only to cover him with very very very old man prosthetics? It could’ve been anyone under all that.
Still, none of this really matters. It’s a Big Damn Movie, folks, and such, boy, does it deliver! It is MASSIVE. It doesn’t really need the 3D to overwhelm you (unlike Avatar, which is pretty unwatchable without it). It’s exciting, not overly gory, and has a Ripley-lite heroine in the riveting Noomi Rapace. I liked it. Don’t listen to people who do nothing but moan about it. It’s a good night at the movies. Four stars.


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