O Captain! my Captain!

So as I mentioned, I recently watched Star Wars again. (Is there anyone out there whose favorite character isn’t Han Solo?)  It prompted me into starting to write a post about Han and Mal Reynolds being basically the same person: The maverick captain with a rather ramshackle ship who prizes his independence over everything else and gets involved in not-always-legal endeavors, has a fiercely loyal sidekick and turns out to be one of the good guys despite his disillusionment with the world he’s stuck in.

And then it struck me, I really swear it never has before, that Captain da Silva is the same character. Talk about a blinding flash of revelation! Alright, the ship’s in better condition, and the eyepatch is a new feature… but he has the same cynical sense of humor and idiosyncratic notion of honor, won’t let anyone tell him what to do, has a dodgy past and is loyal to his friends (and family).

Well, thank you, George Lucas. Obviously Han struck a chord in me that resonated and went into the mix that created the Captain out of thin air. And I never even acknowledged Lucas as one of my influences. How about that?!


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