I love the website http://tvtropes.org.
There’s one page called Did You Just Flip Off Cthulhu? People who diss the Big Bads have always appealed to me. Captain da Silva does this all the time. He doesn’t like people who boss him around, although it’s pretty much defined most of his life. First his mother and the church, then (more benignly) various ship’s captains, and then the man he refers to as “the Venetian”. Now that he is pretty much his own master he’s reluctant to accept any role the Powers That Be tell him he’s destined for, and routinely bad-mouths any demon— or indeed bad guy— he encounters.
He may be a loose cannon, but he’s OUR loose cannon.
Okay, much of what we write is autobiographical, and I always had problems with authority figures. But the Captain isn’t just me. I’m sure I’ve assimilated much more than I realize through being drawn to fictional misfits and nonconformists. Certainly there’s a bit of Col. Jack O’Neil in him, and some Leroy Jethro Gibbs—both of whom, not incidentally, have teams which are fiercely loyal to them. Oh, and a certain other Captain, sometimes known as Tightpants…
Another thing all these fellas have in common is a sense of humor. I suppose if you make a habit of flipping the bird to the Goa’auld, the Feebs, badasses like Niska, and assorted demons, you need to be able to see the funny side. The more conventional heroes— gung-ho, square-jawed, hardcore guys— never do.
Yeah (sigh), it’s almost always guys. Buffy (and Faith) are still pretty unusual in being wisecracking, ass-kicking females, though Max in Dark Angel could hold her own pretty darn well.
What they all also have in common is smarts. They know they are better than the Don, the Man, and the Boss, and so first they tick the Big Bad off and then kick his butt. And that’s what makes me love ’em.


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