An interesting question

Since I’m new to this blogging lark, I’m open to suggestions and ideas about what to write. Rachel, my book manager, gave me a few, and the first was one that made me think! It was this:
For you, what is the relationship between painting and writing?  How does one inform the other in your work?
At first the question surprised me, and then I realized that of course there is a relationship. I am, of course, a very visual person (my day job has always involved both design and writing). When I wrote my first novel, I drew a picture of the narrator of the journal sections, and I would take a look at it before writing in order to get into character. So naturally, when I realized that the Captain was going to be around for a while, I did the same thing, and here’s that first drawing. And I did rely on it for a good long time to get his voice, although now it comes easily.

As I got more into the DaSilvaverse I started doing portraits of the other characters. Harris I had always thought looked like Adam Baldwin, so he was easy to do, and so was Pierce, whose appearance I’d based on a friend of mine (sadly no longer with us). For most of the other characters, I had a general idea about their appearance, and from time to time I’ll be watching something on TV and think “that actor is how ……… looks”. I don’t feel I have to, or want to, write detailed descriptions of people, being more of a believer of one or two details to fix appearance or character.


2 thoughts on “An interesting question

  1. Shouldn’t the actions (or meditations) of these characters be enough to enable us to visualise them? If you lead us towards only a certain kind of image, then the fun might get lessened.

    • As I mentioned, I first drew, and then painted, the Captain to get me into character. The other character pictures were done initially as covers for the books when I made them available in pdf form. You can visualize them exactly as you please!

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