Captain da Silva

Here’s an outsider’s view of the Captain, from “Arkright’s Tale”, first published in “No. 472 Cheyne Walk – Carnacki: The Untold Stories” which Rick Kennett and I co-wrote.

“I met up with the Isabella’s master, Captain da Silva, to discuss the matter. I took to him at once: he was an interesting fellow. What you might call an old sea-dog, a man in his forties with an eyepatch that gave him a very piratical look. He spoke perfect English, luckily — even to the extent of making a joke about my name being a good one for someone involved with ships. It turned out that he was also the owner of the vessel, which he had apparently picked up for a song in Venice when the previous owner disappeared leaving a mass of debts. But there was, as I was to discover, more to Captain da Silva than met the eye.”


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