Montague Pierce, bookseller and antiquarian on call

This is an extract from “The Low Man and the Angel of Death”, which first appeared in “The Ghosts & Scholars Newsletter” last year.

“Pierce was not only a bibliophile, but one of those rare creatures who could actually make money out of his passion. He had a talent for finding the unfindable, the lost and the legendary. He had rooted out copies of “Albertus Magnus” and “Egyptian Secrets” for that Venetian that even his minions hated, a rare early edition of “The Long-Lost Friend” for an American called Yandro with more money than sense, and even “The Book With No Name” for an unpleasant young Englishman named Alesteir Crowley, a volume that even some of those who acknowledged its existence refused to touch. The antiquarian had felt much the same about its purchaser.”

Pirece makes his first appearance in Demon Weather.


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