It’s the Cover Story!

Well, today I started in on the cover for “Demon Weather”. We’re having a shadowy demon face in the background, based on a wicked cool image I found on the interweb. So I’m doing him first. Tweaked the original somewhat by giving him bigger horns (I guess size counts, when you’re a demon!) and red eyes (they were blank, but that’s too reminiscent of my cover for “The Printer’s Devil”. Took rather longer than I thought – I was painting away andd suddenly was being told it was teatime. So I reckon I’ll finish him tomorrow.


Welcome to my world!

Well, here goes. The virgin blogger puts a toe into the water (hmm, mixed metaphor. Not the best start for a writer!) …be gentle with me.

So… this is all about the DaSilvaverse. My serial demon-and-assorted-supernatural-nasties killer, master mariner Luís da Silva, who first appeared in a short story called “Cats And Architecture” (first published in “Supernatural Tales” and reprinted in “Best New Horror 13”). Appeared, ha! He barged in and took the damn thing over. He does that. Since then his world has hosted 18 short stories and four and a half novels, the first of which will be coming out very soon with Booktrope. It’s called “Demon Weather”, and I’m currently working on the cover. How cool is that?!

I did the cover for the reissue of my first novel last year (“The Printer’s Devil”) and I was pretty pleased with the result. That was pretty much a shoo-in, as I like painting faces above all else. On that topic, if I’ve followed the instructions properly, I should have uploaded a pic of John Yeoh, Montague Pierce, an antiquarian who gets drawn into their weird adventures, the Captain, Harris his second mate (who is a werewolf), and the Captain’s wife Emilia.

That’s all for now. Mustn’t overdo things my first time.